50 Amazing Ways to Practice Self-Care

50 Amazing Ways to Practice Self-Care

Self care is so important and there are a million ways to take care of yourself on a daily basis. Sometimes a stressful week gets the best of you and you need a solid routine to recharge. Self care isn’t always easy and I constantly have to remind myself to make some time to take care of me when things are overwhelming.

Here are some of the best ways that I practice self care on a daily basis that are super easy to add your routine.

  1. Write in a journal regularly
  2. Make time to read before bed, even if it’s just ten minutes
  3. Take a luxurious bath- the whole nine yards, bath bombs and everything
  4. Take a break from social media
  5. Go for a walk or run at a nearby park
  6. Try yoga or hot yoga
  7. Meditate 15 minutes a day
  8. Paint something – or even experiment with finger painting!
  9. Read some poetry
  10. Deep clean your room
  11. Donate stuff you don’t want anymore to charity
  12. Try a weighted blanket
  13. Practice deep breathing ten minutes every day
  14. Listen to relaxing sounds using an app
  15. Experiment with essential oils
  16. Spend time with family and friends
  17. Explore a new town
  18. Visit a museum or art gallery
  19. Make an effort to eat more fruits and vegetables
  20. Try cutting out sugar or gluten
  21. Stretch every morning and night
  22. Try a new recipe
  23. Listen to a new podcast or album
  24. Have some chamomile tea
  25. Practice saying no
  26. Take a mental health day to make yourself happy
  27. Try a new hobby
  28. Learn to play an instrument
  29. Get creative – take on a DIY project or craft
  30. Write in some me time in your weekly schedule
  31. Do a face mask
  32. Give yourself a manicure/pedicure or go get one
  33. Use an at home foot spa
  34. Drink more water
  35. Use an adult coloring book
  36. Switch up your skincare/haircare routine
  37. Make time for a healthy breakfast everyday
  38. Cut down on caffeine
  39. Go to the movies by yourself
  40. Make an effort to compliment others
  41. Do something nice for someone you love
  42. Volunteer locally
  43. Take a spontaneous road trip
  44. Light some candles
  45. Go to bed at the same time every night
  46. Organize your schedule in a planner or bullet journal
  47. Create a relaxing music playlist
  48. Play with animals at a shelter
  49. Make a workout schedule and stick to it
  50. Finish a puzzle


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