How to Beat Summer Boredom

How to Beat Summer Boredom

 So it’s summer time again and as usual I’ve gotten into a terrible routine of staying up late, sleeping till midday and being super unproductive. Summer is great after working so hard in college all year but for me, it is often filled with some boring days. Sometimes I try to hard to keep up with what everyone is doing and get a job or an internship but its good to do things just for me and I think everyone should do fun things for themselves during the summer! Although I’ll be working part time, I’ve been trying to come up with a few fun things to keep myself busy. 

  First, I’ve started making jewelry and I’ve really been enjoying it. Making jewelry is fun and easy and you can wear what you make when you’re done which is a bonus! Look out for sales at A.C. Moore and Michaels and other craft stores. I bought $50 worth of beads and supplies for $14 and made a lot of bracelets out of those. Online tutorials are great and some packages of beads and supplies come with guides on how to put them together. You can sell them locally or keep them for yourselves and your friends. I’ve gotten a few compliments on some chokers I made and I really enjoy wearing them. 

 Second, I’ve been trying to read a lot, which is always good during the year but I really enjoy reading more than usual during the summer because I like reading outside and at the beach especially. A lot of books are great for the summer too if they’re summer themed. Summer is a great time for guilty pleasure books, I like reading really light and funny stories. and even some romance novels too. 

 If I’ve got some time on my hands during summer, I also like to go to a lot of garage sales and thrift stores and find some new summer clothes. I always do a big summer cleaning day and get rid of clothes I don’t wear anymore. I like to find cheap pieces at thrift stores and fix them up a bit and create new pieces and outfits. Another fun way to get use out of garage sales is to pick out old furniture pieces and fix them up a bit. My mom and I like to give them new paint jobs and add fun decorations and then sell them online or use them to redecorate our house. 

Road trips and food tours are another fun thing to do on weekends. Local trips and food festivals are easy to find near you by searching online. I went to Smorgasburg in New York and it was amazing! I’m also planning a short road trip to Cape May, New Jersey and another to Nashville later in the summer. This is such a fun way to bond with friends and it’s one of my favorite summer activities.  


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