How to Nail the Interview Every Time

How to Nail the Interview Every Time

Interviews can be so nerve wracking but are so important in life! It’s tough sometimes to really express your worth ethic and good qualities in such a short amount of time but there are some ways to really impress and nail the interview every time whether it’s for a job or internship or some other position.

Here’s some tips that I’ve used in interviews that have helped me secure jobs, internships, and committee positions in volunteer organizations.

1. Dress the Part

You’ve probably heard the saying, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” and for interviews it’s important to dress up in an appropriate way for the role. For professional jobs and interviews, this is often the interviewers first impression of you and it’s important to get started off of on the right foot by looking the part. Invest in some nice business clothes or borrow from friends for the interview, bring a briefcase or nice bag, and make sure your hair and makeup look clean and professional.

2. Bring Extra Resumes

It may seem obvious to bring a resume to an interview but I would be lying if I said I haven’t forgotten one before. Sometimes it’s easy to forget because the employer already has your resume from your application but it looks good to bring some printed out versions of it as well. Additionally, prepare to meet with more than one person just in case and bring extras for everyone you speak with.

3. Be Confident

It’s so important to act confident about everything you say even if you are super nervous! Remember that you have experience and there’s a reason they want you to come in for the interview. If there’s a tough question, take a minute to think about and deliver your answer confidently. If there’s a skill they ask about that you don’t have or something you don’t have experience with, confidently state all of the transferable skills you have related to that think and how fast of a learner you are. Don’t let tough questions shake you and you will come across very confident.

4. Look up the Company/Employer Ahead of Time

You probably already know the basics about the company or organization at which you are interviewing, but it looks great to take the time to learn more intricate details about them. Look at their website, their mission statement, and specifics about the department which you applied for. Use this information to think of specific questions about the department and the role ahead of time. Additionally, you can look up what your interviewer does so that you’re prepared to ask questions about their role as well.

5. Practice in a Mirror or with a Friend

A lot of interviews are similar in structure and you can look up typical interview questions online to prepare. If you’re not good with public speaking or talking to employers, then try a practice interview with a friend or family member. This is a good way to rehearse your answers and practice speaking confidently. Using a mirror is a good way to see how you look when answering questions and practice enunciating. Try recording yourself as well and listening to the recording!

6. Follow up Right Away

After the interview is over, try to get a thank you note or email in to the interviewer pretty soon afterwards. On top of the thank you, inquire about the next steps and anything else you can do or submit at that time. This will show initiative and that you are serious about the position.


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