How to Recycle Cardboard into Home Decor

How to Recycle Cardboard into Home Decor

I love taking on DIY projects, especially ones that involve recycling old goods and used materials! I had plenty of cardboard boxes lying around from gifts and deliveries and brainstormed ways to recycle them into something new. Cardboard is a great material because it’s sturdy and can be transformed to look decorative.

Most of these products involve just cardboard, fabric scraps from the craft store, a hot glue gun, and paint. I got all of my supplies from the local craft store and used some stuff I already had at home as well. I used a few different sized boxes to get the cardboard and had to cut some of them to get the size I was looking for.

DIY Basket

waste basket

Materials: Cardboard shoe box, hot glue gun, fabric strip, twine.


I started this one by slowly wrapping the twine around the box using a hot glue gun. When I was done, I cute the fabric using a ruler to measure out the sides based on the length and width of the box. I carefully glued down the fabric and made sure to press it down so it didn’t get wrinkly.

in the process

Storage box

home decor

For this project I wanted to create a cute place to store things under my bed or in my closet where I can easily grab things out of. I took another cardboard box and this time used mod podge to glue down some patterned paper I bought at the craft store. Once done with that, I glue on some decorative ribbon around the top, and painted the inside silver.

pattern paper

Picture clip on

craft project

I utilized some old picture frames for these next two projects. I measured a piece of cardboard would fit the frame well and cut it to that size. I glued on some patterned paper to the cardboard and smoothed it out. I glued the cardboard to the frame itself and waited for it to dry. Lastly, I hot glued some clips to the cardboard to add some pictures to. This is a fun way to make a picture frame really stand out.

mod podge glue

Decorative frame

cardboard frame

I did something similar with this picture frame, cutting cardboard to fit the slot perfectly by measuring it with a ruler. Next I hot glued some decorative fall ribbon in pieces to the cardboard and put it in place with the frame. This is a really cute decorative piece and you can add pins to it to make it a push pin board.


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