How to Spend Three Days in Vienna

How to Spend Three Days in Vienna

Vienna is a gorgeous and super clean city which is really fun to visit and explore. It is located in the Eastern section of Austria. The official language in Vienna is German, but many people speak English as well. I went for just three days over a long weekend and saw a lot in that time. I thought it was just the right amount of time to see everything I wanted to see.

The average price for a flight from the U.S. is about $500 and about $100 from the U.K. The currency is the Euro and the costs in Vienna are typically average for Europe. Vienna also has a really clean and easy to use public transportation system to get around the city. I bought a 72-hour pass which worked out perfectly and took me to and from the bus station. 

Best Time to Visit

Vienna is gorgeous in the spring and fall when it’s just warm enough to walk around without overheating. It’s also nice to be able to sit outside and enjoy leisure afternoons at some of the incredible cafes in Vienna. The holidays are another great time to visit because Vienna has some of the best Christmas markets in Europe. 

Day 1

Saint Stephen’s Cathedral 

We arrived at night so our first day started off pretty early the next morning with a trip to Saint Stephen’s. This is a gorgeous Church located centrally in Vienna. We arrived early to avoid crowds and walked the long walk to the top for the best view. The walk up the steps is not the easiest but totally worth it for the view at the top! 

The Hofburg Palace 

The Hofburg palace is an iconic building in Vienna. Once the winter home of the Hapsburgs, it now houses the Sisi museum as well as the imperial silver collection. 


Just a short walk away from the Hofburg Palace is Volksgarten, a gorgeous open green space with plenty of beautiful flowers. 


Rathaus is Vienna’s city hall. It is located in rathauspark. The building itself is gorgeous gothic architecture. You can see the building in the park and walk around the area surrounding it. This is also the location of the iconic Christmas markets as well. 

Day 2:

Schonbrunn Palace

The Schonbrunn Palace is a huge structure that was once the summer residence of the Hapsburgs. It is a huge 1,441 room Rococo style palace. Guests can go inside and check out the Schonbrunn zoo or simply walk around the grounds. The garden in the back is beautiful and the views from the top of the hill are incredible as well. 


Naschmarkt is a huge outdoor marketing with over 100 stalls and vendors. The stalls range from food and restaurants, to coffee, to vintage clothes and jewelry. You can definitely spend a while walking around all the stalls here and picking out your favorite things to take home. 


The Albertina is another Habsburg palace with a staterooms and collections that you can tour inside. The collections include 20th-century art with a lot of information about the history of the Habsburgs as well as Vienna. 

Day 3: 

Belvedere Palace

The Belevedere is a wonderful 18th-century Baroque palace with an amazing art collection inside. The interior design and architecture are definitely worth seeing. The outside gardens are beautiful as well. 

Austrian National Library

We went inside the library to see what it looked like and we were amazed! It is a very opulent library with a lot of history to see inside. It’s another feat of gorgeous architecture that’s worth checking out. 

Graben monument and shopping

Graben is a noteworthy historical landmark right in the center of the shopping district. This is a great area to see some of the fancier shops of Vienna and spend some time walking around and enjoying the architecture. Walking around the streets was definitely one of my favorite parts of seeing Vienna. Everything is very clean and the buildings are super beautiful everywhere you go. 

Enjoy local cafes  

One of the best things about Vienna is it’s incredibly relaxed and leisurely culture. It always ranks very high in quality of life. It’s definitely popular in Vienna to enjoy long lunches at cafes. There is no such thing as rushed eating, your waiters will always give you as much time as you want to sit and enjoy the café. I loved sitting and enjoying my time as long as possible. Café Central and Café Landtmann were some of my favorites but you can find great cafes almost anywhere in the city. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this guide to things to do and see in Vienna! 


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