How to Transform Old Jeans

How to Transform Old Jeans

Lately I’ve been trying to think of cool and unique ways that I can transform old clothing instead of just throwing it out. I thought it might be fun to add some life to old jeans by transforming them into something new.


For this project, the only materials I used were a pair of jeans, scissors, paint, and some paintbrushes. You can also use a ruler and painter’s tape to help get more precise measurements.

step 1

I started by creating a mark with a marker where I wanted to cut.

Once I cut across, I began make small cuts upward as close together as possible to create a sort of fringe look.


From there, I made small cuts to pull at the string and started to pull apart the seams as much as possible. I picked at the string as much as I could without ruining the strip.

Next, I turned the pants around and put painter’s tape firmly along the lining of the pockets. The tape helped create sharper lines and made it easier to paint. I used acrylic paints for the entire project because they dry relatively fast. I started by painting a layer of white.

Base paint

After that I drew out my design of a sunflower in pencil on top of the white paint. Once the sketch was drawn, I filled it in with paints using a smaller brush.


Once the paint was dry I removed the painter’s tape. After that I flipped the jeans inside out and ironed the back of the painted pockets for about 5-7 min. The direct heat helps seal the paint and prevents it from fading in the wash. After ironing, I put the jeans into the dryer for about 15-20 minutes on high heat.

The finished product looks great and is just a fun way to add something unique to an average pair of jeans! Hope you guys try this out.


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