My Travel Essentials

My Travel Essentials

The most important things I always bring with me whenever I travel!

Traveling is one of the most rewarding experiences there is and one of my favorite things in the world. Despite the glamorous Instagram posts, there’s often a lot behind the scenes that you don’t see. Travel can be exhausting and does not always come without its problems. I’ve gotten lost, missed buses and trains, and gotten really sick while traveling. Not to mention long flights can be a huge bummer. 

Here are some of my essentials to make traveling those long days just a little bit easier. 

A Good Neck Pillow 

When I went to Southeast Asia I had to fly two hours from Bali to Jakarta, an 8 hour layover and a 9 hour flight from Jakarta to Beijing, a 6 hour layover, and a 13 and a half hour flight from Beijing to New York. To say it was a long day would be an understatement! One of the best ways to pass the time is to sleep and investing in a really nice neck pillow is a great way to insure you get some quiet rest time. 

A Book or Kindle 

I love reading and books are a great way to pass the time especially on long flights and beach days. I typically like to have an actual book more than a nook or kindle but for travel I like to borrow my dad’s kindle because it’s small and easy to pack and this way you have access to several books rather than just one or two. 

Vitamin packs 

Flying can be exhausting as well as travel in general and I tend to get sick when my body’s really run down. I like to pack a set of multivitamins as well as Emergen-C vitamin packets that you can pour in water. Ones with probiotics are great for fending off a cold! 

A reusable water bottle

Another way to avoid not feeling well while traveling is to stay hydrated. Having a reusable water bottle makes it a bit easier to make sure you’re drinking enough on those long days. You can even bring a collapsible bottle that takes up less space. 

A Camera or lens clip on 

Taking pictures is one of my favorite parts of exploring somewhere new. I always have my phone on me to take pictures of the things I see. As long as I have space in my suitcase I also bring a small digital camera to get the perfect shot. I also bought a pair of cheap clip on lenses to go over an iPhone camera. These lenses can do things like widen a shot or create a cool effect life a fish eye.


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