Ten Restaurants and Bars You Have to Try When Visiting Prague

Ten Restaurants and Bars You Have to Try When Visiting Prague

Prague is a hub of unique restaurants and bars, and there’s a few that you just have to visit if you are traveling to Prague. It’s also an opportunity to save money, as the Czech crown can be pretty cheap compared to the U.S. dollar.

Etiquette: its alright and usually expected to just seat yourself in most restaurants

Tips: Usually 5-10% is good but only necessary for good service, a lot of locals will just round up the bill so if its 137 crowns, round up to roughly 150, which would put you at around 5 or 6 U.S. dollars 

Coffee Corner Bakery: 

coffee corner

This adorable café in the Vinohrady neighborhood has good vibes and good food. This place is great for a relaxed Sunday brunch. They have a variety of fresh egg dishes and homemade breads, as well seasonal avocado toasts, teas, and lattes. The bakery case selection always includes freshly baked cakes and muffins and there’s a new selection every day. 


 This café also has a relaxing vibe and is situated right at the corner of Jihiro z Podebrad park. They serve a variety of fresh pastries and breakfast dishes. If you’re sick of boring coffee, then check this place out because it’s one of the only places with fancier and sweetened coffee like their coconut Vietnamese drip coffee. For a surprise option, they also serve pho and Vietnamese noodle bowls. 

Prague Beer Museum: 

Despite the name, this is not actually a museum of beer, but one of the best bars in Prague. This place is perfect if you love beer and want to test out the traditional Czech beers, like the Pilsner Urquell. This place is dirt cheap and you can order most of their beer options for around 2-4 U.S. dollars. The menu gives you a variety of options including a blueberry beer and a classic hard cider. 



Moment is one of the best Vegan restaurants I’ve been to. They have a great variety of options and the menu is always being changed and updated so you can expect unique dishes and great fresh food. The hot chocolate is so good you won’t know it’s vegan.  


Hemingway Bar:

Hemingway Bar is one of the nicer bars in Prague and one that you should definitely make a reservation for as the place is small and a bit quiet. If you can get a registration, the place itself feels like a secret and is a cool place to check out with really interesting and unique cocktails. 



This one is in a great location right by the Charles Bridge. It’s the perfect mid-afternoon café spot with coffee, croissants, paninis, and freshly baked cakes and pastries. You can even watch them make all of the bakery items while you sit and eat. Their chocolate chip muffins are my favorite. 

Anonymous bar:

This one also requires a reservation but gives you a chance to be completely anonymous for the night. You can put on masks provided by the bar and order some really insane cocktails like the Wilson which includes a cup made out of a volleyball. Definitely a cool place to visit. 

Café Savoy: 

Café Savoy is a Prague favorite brunch place. You should definitely call ahead for a reservation as it is usually busy. It is a classic brunch menu with a few specialties and a really great atmosphere. 

cafe savoy

The Pub:

The Pub is a must-see when visiting Prague because it’s really a one-of-a-kind place. The set-up of the pub is tables with beer tapes in the middle of them. You and your group can order glasses and then pour your own beer at the table, and they’ll keep track of how much you’ve drank. There’s a big screen in the front that lets you race against other tables to see who can drink the most beer. A lot of fun especially with a big group. 


This last one is not a restaurant, but arguably the best street food in Prague, which is a trdelnik, also known as a chimney cone. As you walk through the city center, you’ll pass countless places that will sell these and they’re hard to miss. Some are plane warm dough rolled with sugar and some come with ice cream and other toppings. Definitely worth a try even though they are a bit touristy! Often times there are small markets around Prague that make these fresh especially during the holiday season.



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