Things To Do and See in Florence

Things To Do and See in Florence

Florence, Italy is a beautiful city near Tuscany. I really enjoyed taking in the sights of the city and eating my way through with lots of amazing pizza and pasta! Florence can be reached by plane, train, and bus. I went in by train from Milan and the train station is centrally located near the city. 

Florence has generally nice weather all year round but it does get pretty cold in the winter. The streets are pretty narrow so driving can be difficult and most people get around by walking or taxis. There are also plenty of nice hotels near the center of town that make it easy to walk around.

Here are some of my favorite things I saw while in Florence:

The Duomo di Firenze 

The Duomo is hard to miss as it is right in the center of the city. The architecture on the outside of the city is amazing to look at and there are tons of restaurants to eat at in the surrounding square. You can get a ticket to climb the many steps to the top for a great view of the city. I really enjoyed climbing to the top of the Duomo but it is definitely a long walk through many narrow staircases! 

The merry go round at Piazza della Repubblica

The Piazza della Repubblica is a very cute square surrounded by shops and restaurants near the heart of the city. The merry go round is a popular sight for tourists and makes for a great attractions for kids to break up the walking during the day. It’s nice to sit outside and eat and watch people go on the merry go round, especially at night when it lights up. 

Uffizi Gallery 

Perhaps one of the most famous galleries in Florence, the Uffizi boasts a large collection of art and antiques from famous Italian dynasties such as the Medici family. The collection is expansive and I really took my time here strolling through all of the pieces very slowly.

 Boboli Gardens 

Located just outside of the center of Florence is the gorgeous Boboli Gardens. This is a great example of a beautiful Italian garden with views of vineyards in the distance as well as traditional architecture. It’s a very nice place to explore outside on a nice day. 

Ponte Vecchio 

Ponte Vecchio is probably the most popular bridge in all of Florence and it is really beautiful with a nice view. There are some shops along the bridge mostly with expensive jewelry and watches. The bridge itself is fun to shop on and take in a nice view. There is also an area to leave a love lock if you are visiting Florence with a loved on. 

Piazzelle Michelangelo 

This square with panoramic views of Florence might have been my favorite part of Florence. You do have to hike up some stairs but the view is totally worth it! I went at sunset and really enjoyed the changing colors of the sky over the city but if you want to avoid crowds it’s porbably best to go early in the morning before too many people arrive. 

Piazza della Signoria

Another gorgeous square full of architecture and Italian food is Piazza della Signoria. This square also sits right at the entrance to the Uffizi Gallery. It boasts gorgeous statues all around and plenty of places to sit outside and eat and drink. It’s a great area to walk around take in local shops – clothes and gelato of course. 

Foods to try


Italian paninis are so so good and Florence has some of the best panini shops. I really enjoyed paninis with fresh prosciutto and mozzarella. There are a ton of great shops to try but my favorite was All’Antico. There’s a great variety of options and paninis are great to eat on the go as you walk around and take in the sights of Florence. 


This one goes without saying because of course you have to try the gelato in Italy. I over indulged just a bit and tried different gelato places every day. 

Charcuterie Board

I was tempted on my trip to stick to a strict diet of pasta and pizza, but I did branch and try meat and cheese platters a few times and was not disappointed. The meat and cheese is incredibly fresh and there’s typically a large variety to try from. I tried different salamis and prosciutto and really enjoyed everything I tried. 

Where to Stay

Firenze Suite: $$$

Hotel Dali: $

Guest House Bel Duomo: $

Hotel La Fortezza: $$


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