Ultimate London Bucket List

Ultimate London Bucket List

I’ve been to London a few times now and I find that every time I go, there is always something new to try. London is pretty big and filled with tons of things to do and see. I’ve made this bucket list of all the things I’ve enjoyed so far in London and more that I want to see for when I visit again. 

london eye

I like to try places that showcase the culture and history of London as well as new and modern places. One of my favorite ways to explore a city is simply to walk around and take in the sights as I walk. London is a cool place to do that because it’s so big you can walk for a while and see a lot of awesome places. I also love trying traditional food in new places! 

1.Ride the London Eye

Possibly one of the most touristy things to do in London but nevertheless worth the wait for the view! This is an iconic spot and a great place to get a picture of the London skyline.

london eye

2. Visit King’s Cross Station

If you’re a Harry Potter fan you can’t miss the chance to pose at platform 9 3/4. The station itself is huge and busy and fun to explore.

3. Shop at Covent Garden

Another iconic London spot to get some lunch, shop around, and take in some street performances.

covent garden

4. Tour the Globe Theater

This one is especially fun for literary buffs. You can take in the famous Globe Theater and be transported back to olden days.

5. Watch the Change of the Guards

Watching the guards change at Buckingham Palace is a really cool experience. The guard uniforms are iconic and it’s awesome to see them do their job.

6. Walk the Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge is one of London’s coolest landmarks. Try walking over it to get the perfect picture and enjoy views all around.

tower bridge

7. Take in Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is a great way to embrace English traditions. Some places can be pricy so do research in advance if you don’t want to break the bank. Also leave some time for this as it’s really nice to sit for a while and enjoy the afternoon at tea.

big ben

8. Tour Tate Modern

If you’re interested in art, Tate Modern is a great gallery and a cool place to visit. There are plenty of awesome things to see.

9. Cruise the Little Venice Canals

Near the Paddington area of London are the canals known as little venice. These are a cool set of canals that are filled with small boats. You can walk along the canals or even take a boat ride through them.

london canals

10. Go inside Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is another famous spot in London and is a very pretty church. This is a place you definitely don’t want to miss.

westminster abbey

11. Get a Picture at Big Ben

Big Ben is really cool in person because it has a lot of detail and is bigger than you may think. If you go early in the morning you can get a great picture with the clock without too many people in the background!

12. Get Cocktails at the Top of the Shard

The Shard is a huge building that towers over London and makes for a great view at the top. Head to the top for a drink and get some pictures of the amazing view.

13. Catch a Show at the West End

London has some amazing musicals and the West End puts on some amazing productions. Whether or not you’re a huge theater buff, there’s definitely a show at the West End that you’ll’ enjoy.

14. Tour the Tower of London

The Tower of London is huge and is a great way to explore some of London’s history. There are tons of rooms and areas to see in the Tower and it’s definitely worth a trip.

15. Hyde Park and Kensington Palace

Hyde Park is a really nice outdoor space to walk around in London and Kensington Palace is right inside of it. This is really fun to see if you’re fans of the royal family.

16. Get Fish and Chips and a Pint at a Pub

London is full of pubs and it’s really common to see people drinking beer and eating fish and chips at these pubs. It’s a classic London dish that you just have to try while you’re there.

fish and chips

17. Shop at Harrod’s

Harrod’s is a cool experience because of its sheer size even if you’re not a huge fan of shopping. You’ll definitely find some unique things there.

18. Stop by Notting Hill

Notting Hill is a really cool neighborhood and especially fun to see if you’re a fan of the movie! The houses are really bright and beautiful.

notting hill

19. Eat Indian Food on Brick Lane

The Indian food is amazing in London and some of the best spots can be found on Brick Lane. If you’re a fan of Indian food, you’ll definitely want to try some in London.

20. Get a Picture in the Phone Booths

Because you can’t leave London without a classic picture in one of those red phone booths.

phone booth london


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